The Inspiration

When Pearl Jam released Ten, we were teenagers – that important age when music means a lot because it seems to almost magically capture thoughts, ideas and experiences that you can’t even begin to understand yourself.

Now 20 years later, we look back on our lives since 1991 and recognize that rather than outgrow the band like we did the hairstyles of our youth, we have been fortunate to have found enduring spokesmen, guides, friends. Those five insightful musicians have continued to prove uncannily dependable as we’ve both developed new interests, expanded our musical tastes and simply matured.

Perhaps even more amazingly, those songs we identified with first as restless teens have taken on new meaning as we’ve followed their writers into the ages when they were written.

And as we, the much-hyped but oft-forgotten Generation X, begin to negotiate what is proving to be the most challenging phase of our lives, we can continue to look at our musical soulmate guides and find comfort. We sing along with them on stage and it becomes clear: through so many challenges, twists in the road, and, simply, years, these artists have not only survived but continued to grow and succeed. Now we look at how happy, contented and peaceful they are – while still rocking the best of live shows. Pearl Jam has made it through spectacularly. Of course, we will too.